APIs are critical for developing exchange and market environments. Software now permeats all parts of an exchange’s ecosystem. Application developers want to tap into market and trading information to the maximum extent. Businesses want to integrate and automate their processes to reduce costs and give their customers the best possible experience.

XStack, provides a full range of APIs to cater for all types of software development. This includes:

  • Websocket
    A streaming API giving access to data and trading capabilities. It uses JSON messages sent across a websocket connection. Ideal for trading terminals, algorithmic trading, alerting and other applications requiring streamed data.
  • IQ
    A web based API giving access to data and trading capabilities. It uses SQL like messages sent via HTTP requests and returns responses in JSON format. Ideal for websites, incorporation into existing applications, new applications. It is easier to use than the Websocket API and we recommend IQ be used for data and trading unless streaming is needed.
  • MotifXL
    A Microsoft Excel add-in which allows Excel macros and spreadsheets to access data and trade. Streaming data can be accessed via Excel RTD functions and scripts can retrieve data and trade via ‘IQ’ requests.
  • Motif Extension
    The API built into our Motif trading terminal which enables the terminal to be extended with new features and displays.
  • FIX
    An industry standard trading API providing direct access to the trading capabilities of our matching engine, Prodigy. Enables enterprises to send order flow to a market and allows major data vendors to get direct access to market data.
  • MView
    API providing access to Administration functions such as configuring trading accounts. Enables businesses to integrate their workflow and CRM systems into the exchange. Businesses can then automate their processes and allow their own front-ends to seamlessly manage their exchange trading accounts.
  • Prodigy Administration
    The API currently used by internal systems to manage Prodigy. It is planned to expose portions of this API to allow third parties to programmatically manage their listings.
  • Onboarding
    Allows new users to be programmatically onboarded. Currently under development.

We believe APIs are absolutely vital for market development. They allow other members of the exchange community to innovate and bring vibrancy to the markets. Our development team is constantly looking to enhance existing APIs and deliver new APIs to foster more innovation, automation and integration.

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