Innovation in retail broking
25 Oct 2023
Competition in retail broking as margins shrink. Brokers are now starting to reconsider their approach to infrastructure and are looking for innovation in the supply of platforms.
FIX Conference 2023
24 Oct 2023
The 2023 Australian FIX conference was definitely worth attending.
Iress defensive revenue
23 Aug 2023
Buyout funds thought to be attracted to Iress for high cash flow, defensive revenue… Another way of saying customer lock-in and lack of competition?
Getting onboarding right
30 Jul 2023
Onboarding investors and trader is critical for successful exchanges. Over the last 6 months we have substantially improved our onboarding processes.
Consolidation of websites
28 Feb 2023
We have consolidated our Motionite and XStack product websites into our main website. This better allows us to evolve and improve our website as we release new products.
ASX decision to scrap blockchain-based CHESS replacement makes sense
17 Nov 2022
The ASX is scrapping its blockchain-based Chess replacement. This decision makes sense to us as we made a similar decision to replace our blockchain-based Asset Registry system earlier this year.
ArcLight is coming
09 Mar 2022
ArcLight, a streaming mobile trading application is coming.
CER Carbon Exchange RFEOI Feedback
24 Jan 2022
We responded to the Australian Clean Energy Regulator’s RFEOI for a Carbon Exchange in Australia. While we considered our XStack exchange to be ideal for this use case, the RFEOI required that respondents have a Tier 1 exchange licence. While we don’t hold such a licence, we decided to respond to build our experience in RFEOIs and tenders. As expected, we were not selected for the next round but we learnt a lot in the process.
Motif 2.3.2 released to CTE and staging
10 Dec 2021
Refactored to share code with for our upcoming streaming mobile product
Bosun now supports Chinese
23 Nov 2021
Chinese language now supported by Bosun reports