What we do

Motif Markets develops trading platforms for exchanges and brokerage firms trading regulated instruments. The platforms contain complete solutions for running an exchange or brokerage firm.

Our platforms

  1. XStack Exchange trading platform
    A complete exchange trading platform including everything from registry to front end trading tools. With XStack, exchange operators have all the technology they need to run an exchange in regulated trading environments.
  2. Motionite Brokerage trading platform
    A front/middle office solution for retail security brokers with a suite of trading applications to cater for advisers, traders and API users. Ready for integration with your CRM and feeds and settlement system for a complete brokerage solution.

Solutions for

Our advanced trading exchange platform enables operators to run an exchange for securities and digital instruments in regulated environments.

We have in depth experience in supplying trading systems to retail security brokers. The features you need at a price in line with today’s competitive landscape.

Got an innovative business model that needs a trading platform? Need a supplier that can work with you to realise your vision?

Market Segment and Pricing

Both XStack and Motionite are geared towards retail trading with support for advisers and dealers. While the platforms are complete solutions in their own right, they also have many integration points and support industry standards such as FIX, allowing them to be incorporated into a client’s wider system. They also come with several APIs enabling extensibility at numerous levels.

Typically our pricing is based on a fixed monthly fee for all off-the-shelf services plus extra charges for custom enhancements or extra administration. Fees start from USD $7000 per month.

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