The retail securities brokerage market is rapidly changing. Margins are falling while customer expectations are increasing. Brokers operating in the retail space are reconsidering their platforming.

Previously, retail brokers established their infrastructure in a similar manner to institutional brokers. Typically sourcing from the same suppliers but using lower end products and then integrating these in a similar fashion. However this infrastructure is no longer profitable in today’s competitive landscape.

Retail Brokers now need a trading platform with the features and pricing tuned to the retail broking.

Our Motionite system is a complete front/middle office trading system designed for retail brokers. With Motionite, a brokerage firm gets order management, sophisticated trading business rules, advanced trading tools and complete API services. It can connect to multiple exchanges for data and trading. It also has the reliability and scalability needed for operation in regulatory environments.

With Motionite, a brokerage firm only needs to connect feeds, integrate their CRM system and a settlement system to have a fully functional brokerage platform.

To find out more about our Motionite front/middle office solution, refer to its platform description or contact us.