Getting onboarding right

Efficient and accurate onboarding of investors and traders is critical to making an exchange run successfully. Our customers (XStack operators) typically provide us with spreadsheets containing large number of investors with existing holdings which need to be onboarded onto the exchange when a new security is listed. Ideally these spreadsheets are accurate however, in reality, there will be errors such as duplicates, incorrect email addresses, values in wrong columns etc.

In February this year (2023) we migrated to our new Foundry registry system. Since then we have been busy improving our onboarding processes. Providing better tools to assist with detecting errors in onboarding spreadsheets and refining the iterative process in working with customers to make sure this data is correct.

People boarding a bus

In addition, we now daily reconcile user data in our OMS system against user data in our Foundry registry. This allows us to quickly pick up any discrepancies and assist operators to expediently resolve them.

Migrating from our old block chain “Asset Registry” system to our new Foundry system was a major task, but it is now paying off as we can provide our customers with better reports and processes - making their lives easier and providing greater confidence of data accuracy.