FIX Conference 2023

The Australian 2023 FIX trading conference was held in Sydney on Thursday 19 October 2023. Motif Markets (managing director - Paul Klink) attended this conference. It was our first time at this conference. An opportunity to connect with other people in the industry and to hear from industry leaders about the trends in exchanges and brokerage.

As an exchange platform developer, David Rabinowitz presentation on “Market Structure Evolution – A Deep Dive” was of particular interest. The importance of closing auction mechanism and its linkages to liquidity and trading volume was very illuminating.

Also, there was a large emphasis on ETFs and all speakers agreed that the importance of ETFs in trading will grow substantially. Another trend Motif Markets will consider as we continue the development of our platforms.

The conference was definitely worth the travel to Sydney and we look forward to attending future FIX conferences.