All our products can be supplied with both streaming and restful API services. The APIs are comprehensive and allow software developers the capabilities to retrieve market data and trading data, send order requests and access back-office services.

Websocket API

This is a streaming API which allows developers to subscribe to data streams and receive updates as soon as they occur. This API is ideal for developing realtime algorithmic systems and realtime displays.

The Websocket API uses JSON messaging over websockets. It can be used with any language, development environment or operating system which supports Websockets (which pretty well includes all of them).

Documentation for the Websocket API can be viewed at:


IQ is a restful API which allows developers to easily retrieve snapshots of data and place order requests. Its main advantage of the Websocket streamin API is that it is far easier for developers to work with. Accordingly it allows faster development of solutions. The IQ API is ideal for websites, reporting and workflow applications.

The IQ API has a request syntax similar to SQL statements. Responses are returned as JSON messages. It can be used in any development environment and operating system which supports web services.

Documentation for the IQ API can be viewed at:


Our MotifXL Excel add-in makes the streaming and IQ API capabilities available within Excel. With this tool Excel users can easily use Motionite data and trading capabilities withing their spreadsheets. With RTD formulas, realtime security data can be dynamically displayed in Excel cells. IQ statements can be run with a few of lines of VBA code to display any data available through IQ and send order requests to the market.

With MotifXL:

  • Traders can create spreadsheets to implement their trading strategies and automatically place orders,
  • Advisers can create spreadsheets with the data required to manage their portfolios,
  • Brokers can bulk import trading instructions and automatically place the associated order requests,
  • Software developers can quickly learn IQ and prototype their applications.
  • Excel developers can customize Excel to develop powerful trading tools and/or brokerage workflow tools,

Motif Extension

Our Motif trading terminal can be enhanced with extensions. Users can examine what extensions are available in the Extension Library and then select and install the ones they wish to use. The API for developing extensions is available to everybody. Refer to the Motif Extension Development for more information about this API.


All management of Motionite is carried out with our MView console. However all the capabilities available through the MView console can also be accessed via the MView API. This allows ExchangeStack and Motionite to be integrated into customers own management systems. For example, instead of using the MView console to add a user, this can automatically be done by a the customers CRM system using the MView API.