MView is the administration component. It is used to administer all aspects of Motionite, Motifium and ExchangeStack. All operational tasks are carried out through MView. All the administration capabilities in MView are surfaced by the MView API. This Rest API can be accessed both internally and externally. It is necessary to be authenticated before using the MView API. The authentication will determine which parts of the MView API are available to use in the session. The degree of authorisation of MView features extends to quite a detailed level.

MView also has a front-end component. This provides a web-based console for MView. An Administrator or Operator can log into the MView web interface and use this to administer Motionite and/or Motifium.

The MView front-end uses the same MView API that is available to external parties. Accordingly, any operation which can be done through the web console can also be programmatically done with an application using the MView API. For example, an operator can put a new user online using the MView web console, or a separate CRM system could put a new user online using the MView API.

For more information about MView is available at the MView manual website