When a company is started, it typically raises capital from founders and/or investors by issuing shares. Over time, shareholders will want to sell some or all of their shares. When they do, they will want to sell for the best price. To do this, companies need to attract buyers for their shares.

Listing a company on an exchange is an excellent way of attracting buyers. An exchange is a market place for buying and selling shares and attracts many traders and investors. In addition, being listed also simplifies the transfer of shares after a buy (or sell) transaction. Once listed, a company can easily raise further capital for growth opportunities by issuing new shares.

Listing on an exchange is a significant step for a company. It needs to comply with the exchange rules and its directors need to understand obligations they are under. Fortunately exchanges have nominated advisers who can assist companies with listing.

Motif Markets is becoming an authorised nominated adviser for exchanges. We can step company boards through the listing process; making sure that the company is compliant and receiving the benefits. We can also provide ongoing account management and support for the listing.

Note that we are only nominated advisers for exchanges running our XStack platform. Our clients can therefore be confident that we thoroughly understand how the exchange works and can provide them with accurate advise.

Contact us to find out more about how we can assist with you listing your company.