Partnering provides huge opportunities for increasing order flow. Building relationships that lead to partnerships takes a lot of work. Motionite however makes the technology part of partnering easy.

There are many ways that partners can contribute order flow to a business.

  • Investment banks
  • Educators
  • Specialist trading terminal providers
  • Trading platforms
  • Wealth platforms
  • Algorithmic traders
  • Market Makers
  • Fund managers
  • Trading forum websites

Partners need different types and levels of integrations to develop their solutions. Motionite’s extensive range of APIs provide access to all of Motionite’s capabilities through integrations. In addition to data and trading, APIs for user and account management are also available to allow easy integration of CRM systems and workflows.

If there is an integration use case not covered by our systems, talk to us. Our consultants and engineering team are keen to support new integration use cases and capabilities.