Motif is a powerful extensible trading terminal that comes with Motionite. It combines the deployment benefits of being web based but with the feel and usability of a desktop application. Traders and advisors will appreciate the professional feature set. But the most important feature is its ability to be enhanced with extensions (add-ons).

Many other types of software products support extensions. With extensions, a software application is no longer dependent on its organisation’s developers for new features. Typically, users wish for lots of extra features; some important, some innovative, some to meet their specific needs. There is no way an organisation can implement these features in-house. Extensions allow other third parties to implement these features.

Motif has been designed from ground-up to support extensions. This includes:

  • A clean internal design which easily exposes its builtin capabilities
  • Making the complete source code of Motif available at Github so that users can both easily develop and test their extensions and also see how Motif itself works.