Fetch is an Acquisition/Enrichment/Distribution component. Its role is to acquire datasets, enrich it as required and then distribute it to targets. It is mainly used in the 2 following ways:

  1. Import External Files or DataSets
    Operation of Motionite often requires files to be imported from external parties. These can be at various locations and various formats. Fetch has the capability to acquire these in files with various methods (for example SFTP). Once a file has been acquired, the data within it needs to be transformed to make it suitable for internal use. Fetch has specific capabilities for transformations. The data then needs to be transferred to the relevant component or distributed to multiple components.

    For example, settlement systems often provide ‘start of day’ files which are used to initialise holdings and cash balances. This information is needed internally by both MView and the OMS. Each morning, Fetch will retrieve these files, transform the data as required by these components and then distribute the transformed data to these components.

  2. Report Generation
    With Report Generation, data flows from within Motionite to external parties. Clients and organisations will require reports which show their trading and other information. Fetch has the capability to collect the required information from internal components, transform it into the report format and then distribute it to where the clients/organisations can retrieve it (for example, an SFTP server)

Fetch has extensive scheduling capabilities which allow the above processes to automated.