Option Explicit
Public Sub RetrieveAllFieldsForMoreThanOneSecurity()
    Dim IQ As Object
    Dim Command As String
    Dim RowCount As Integer
    Dim ColCount As Integer
    Dim Row As Integer
    Dim Col As Integer
    Dim Value As Variant
    Set IQ = CreateObject("MotifXL.IQServer")
    Command = "select * from security where SymbolCode in ['1015.MYX[Demo]', '3395.MYX[Demo]']"
    IQ.ExecuteIQCommand (Command)
    RowCount = IQ.GetRowCount()
    ColCount = IQ.GetColumnCount()
    For Row = 1 To RowCount
        For Col = 1 To ColCount
            Cells(Row, Col) = IQ.GetFieldByIndex(Row, Col)
        Next Col
    Next Row
    Set IQ = Nothing
End Sub