Motif 2.2.13 released

Motif version 2.2.13 has been released to CTE and Staging. You can now specify which fields should be searched when looking for symbols for an exchange. You can also specify what field is used to display the symbol name. These are specified per exchange.

By default, all exchanges use the default name field except for Bursa in Malaysia. Bursa is set by default to use the Ticker field.

For more information on specifying symbol search fields and symbol name field, see Symbol Lookup


  • Select field for symbol name and fields used in symbol lookup.
  • Order Pad honours its linked symbol and linked account setting when its New button is pressed.
  • Upgraded to Angular 13

Bug Fixes:

  • Motif could crash when all holdings/orders are displayed and all holdings/orders for an account are removed.
  • Radio buttons could become blank if multiple windows of particular type are displayed.