Motif Markets specialises in the development of cost effective regulated Trading Exchanges and front-end Brokerage Systems. Our systems are designed to work in regulated environments.

We have applied our 2 decades of experience in developing complete securities brokerage systems, to deliver full stack exchange systems with the capabilities expected by Regulators, Exchange Operators, Brokers, Advisors, Traders and Investors trading in securities and carbon.


XStack is a trading exchange which combines an asset registry, matching engine and our Motionite brokerage solution to create a complete trading exchange stack. The stack is suitable for trading of equities in a regulated environment and also other instruments such as carbon credits.

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Motionite is our front-end brokerage solution. It has all the features required for front-office and ready to be integrated into your settlement, CRM and workflow systems.

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End to end simulation of a trading exchange and its environment.

Reduce risks when upgrading exchange systems with prototyping, IV&V and end to end testing. Also provide realistic environments for trading skills development.

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For more information on these products and how we can assist your business, please contact one of our consultants.